Photo Oct 31, 8 12 45 PMBetween the stream of goblins at the door, I took a moment to warm my feet. My darling granddaughter, who follows me wherever I go, promptly came over and perched aside me, resting her tootsies alongside Grandma.

She is a darling.

When my grandkids walked in tonight, the oldest asked why I didn’t decorate for Halloween. I explained that I never do, I like Christmas better. “Halloween scares me,” I replied. “Me, too,” he answered.

And thus, the generations are united again.

All Saints Day tomorrow and holy day of obligation. It the first day of what promises to be a grand month. There are a lot of changes just ahead and I can’t wait. The best is truly yet to be. I’d love to write more, but for now, mums the word until the last of the darkest chapter of my life is closed. Amen!

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