We all know those totally awkward people who can’t make sense of the simplest social setting, connections with others or lack the ability to function. Usually they draw pity. Unless they are like my ex and are complete jerks. Then we wonder about justice. After all justice does prevail. Now or later, life just catches up with them… (let your mind wander here.)

And when one pokes his finger in the eye of the tiger, how can you feel pity when he is eaten by said beast? Everyone knows what happens when you step between a mother and her child… so he must have wanted to be annihilated, right? One can only assume.

Nevertheless, my new life’s work is to shout it from the rooftops because not everyone thinks child pornography is cool. I never did play victim well. Stay tuned for the my upcoming book due to publish at the end of January 2015. Spoiler alert: Beware of the second life of computers you thought were long-gone at the recycling center. You may have been followed. And that’s only Chapter One.


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