A moment that changed everything.

A moment that changed everything.

It’s the most wonderful thing about life. It’s the most horrendous thing about life. But what a gloriously wild ride.

I stumbled on to an old text today that reminded me why I don’t attend church any more. I don’t think God is there. I clearly have PSTD where that is concerned. That’s ok. It’s a club for which I’ve lost zeal anyway.┬áIt was probably the longest, harshest dying I’ve ever experienced.

I know people are people, but there’s not an armor strong enough to withstand the chest pounding arrogance. Nor will I ever look at a priest the same again. Ever.

Sure. Get in line, right? I know it’s a common story. Trust me. I don’t feel special and I’m definitely not unique.

“Spiritual but not religious” is like the new black. I just hate falling in line.

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