Our Lady of Guadalupe FSSP Seminary in Denton, Nebraska.

Last week we arrived at Mass a wee bit early. As I knelt to let God know I had arrived, I was wishing clear gaze of the iPhone in the pew ahead of me. As the senior gent swiped through pages of the Daily Caller, I smiled and thought of the contrast of conservative-filled pews and alter-filled liberals.

And whose voice prevails?

This week from the bulletin and the podium, we heard about the Bishop and DACA. And of course there’s Steve Bannon. And truth.

It’s always a pleasure to hear the priest insult his listeners with accusations of racism and of course, distilling it down the money. While I try, usually with success, to read during the homily… sometimes the noise is too loud.

Sorry Father. We have the right to protect our borders as much as we do entry to our homes. I’m not sure how I can be kind except to say I assume you are misinformed or must follow the money yourself. I certainly can’t imagine what it must be like to count on government funds to place refugees to the point that you are willing to change everything… Not to mention to get in bed with Nancy Pelosi. Shudder.

And while insults are no way to debate your point with credibility, I’m even further miffed that you are a visitor to our great land. That you don’t see the irony through your arrogance is alarming.


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