BookOfJob1At least that’s what the main character on the TV series House would say in his signature line. It very well may be true.

At least it seems so. There’s a statistic that says that people tell 20 lies within the first 10 minutes of meeting someone new.

Maybe that’s my problem. I have enough crazy truth from which to spin stories that I have no need to stretch the facts. And thank the dear Lord above, I am rich with many friends so there’s an endless supply of new material.

My secret? Be a good listener because people have great stories. if you actually listen, you will never have to go to the movies again.

Today had so many amazing highlights. I feel like I’m riding this incredible roller coaster of joy because I have a long list for which to be thankful every evening. Crazy little things. Awesome big things. The blessings are literally flooding my life in a miraculous way.  I feel like Job. For every loss I’ve had, I’ve gotten 7 in place.

And that’s ironic because I always heretofore detested the story of Job. It felt a little “Punch and Judy” to me.

I never understood why Job wasn’t eternally mad about losing everything to begin with. I thought that some things just weren’t replaceable. How do you not yearn for that first family, or pine for that first spouse? The answer, at least for me at this moment in my life, is that there is only one now and you should never think to predict or underestimate it. The present is an axis of events and people and places that change everything before this moment. Even with the same people in play because  they are made different by the knowledge proffered by the new day.

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